#TBT: 2015 Road America Race

The team arrived at Road America in 2015 with high hopes. They scheduled additional testing time to allow them ample opportunity to get the setup right on the cars. That’s right, cars, as in the #52 was finally back in action after a two race absence due to damage received at Watkins Glen.

So with both cars in tow the team went to work.  But as was the case often throughout the season events did not work in their favor. Road America was inundated with rain that washed out a full practice session and qualifying. This took away valuable time the team could have used to hone the car for the race. Additionally since qualifying was washed out the grid was set by team point standings. This meant that both MINI JCWs would be starting at the back of the field.

Damage to #37 Car

As the race began it wasn’t long before misfortune hit again. The #37, with Zach Meyer behind the wheel, ended up the victim of an overzealous competitor. Meyer’s MINI made hard contact with a tire barrier and needed extensive repairs.

Ramin Abdolvahabi made his debut for the MINI JCW Team starting the race in the #52. But misfortune found its way to him too.  With only 12 laps completed the hood came flying up toward the windshield. While Abdolvahabi did a great job of making it back to the pits the car could not be repaired and the #52 was retired from the race.

Stephen Simpson took over for Meyer later in the race. While he soldiered on there wasn’t much he could do as a combination of bad track position and full course yellows kept him from advancing up the field.

Needless to say the event did not go as planned and the team had to set their sights on the next race.

Car # Drivers Start Finish Laps Status
37 Meyer/Simpson 22 23 54 Running
52 Abdolvahabi/Clarke 20 26 12 Not Running

MINI results are in the table above. And you can watch the race below. Remember to tune into this season’s Road America race on August 6th at 12:35 PM EST.


Motorwerks Magazine

Attribution:MINI JCW Team

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