Jalopnik Features MINI JCW Team

Jalopnik recently released an article covering our beloved MINI JCW Team. They focus on the challenges of preparing a stock JCW for road racing while emphasizing the accessibility of not only the cars, but the parts they use in them to everyday consumers like us.  They spent the COTA race weekend following the team and came away with a lot of insight.

While that’s certainly proven to be more challenging given all the technology in modern road cars, the Mini is one of the most popular cars out there. It’s a brand that’s relatively accessible to own, and Mini promotes the crap out of its racing efforts to its broader fanbase.

One interesting portion of the article is where they discuss the possible move of CTSC to the TCR spec in a couple of years.

What will happen to the LAP Motorsports team with the possible switch to the TCR spec for the ST class, then? Not too much. Perocarpi said that Mini was looking into being a builder for TCR, and the spec suits the team’s needs, as it’s for front-wheel-drive, two-liter turbo, four-door cars.

It’s a little hard to decipher what Perocarpi means.  Is he saying that the current cars somehow qualify for this specification despite the obvious lack of four doors? Or are we looking at a future where the 4-door hardtop will be taking to the track?

To read the full article head on over to Jalopnik.

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