Four-Door Hardtop Getting the MINI JCW Team Treatment

As we’ve reported on before, IMSA is planning on switching to the TCR spec for the ST class as early as next season. While IMSA would usually grandfather existing cars for a year or two it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the eventual future.

The TCR spec indicates the cars must be 4-door with a turbo charged engine up to 2 liters. MINI Race Fan theorized that this could mean the MINI JCW Team would have to switch to a vehicle like the 4-door Hardtop. It’s starting to look like we may have been right.

Via Instagram we asked the team “Preparing for the future TCR switch in CTSC”? And while the team didn’t respond they did “like” our question. If we read to much into that then this basically confirms that the team is preparing for the future and we’ll be seeing the 4-door take to the track soon.


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