Practice 1 Results: Continental Tire 120 at the Glen

The MINIs have finally hit the track again. Today was the first practice session for the Continental Tire 120 at the Glen. The 73 car hasn’t missed a beat as Mat Pombo put in the fastest ST lap at 2:08.186. The 37 had the 7th fastest time with a lap of 2:10.199 and was followed by the 52 in 18th for the MINI JCW Team.

The newest MINI to hit the track in CTSC, the 47 of Team Octane, didn’t quite have the performance they would have liked in their first practice session. Their fastest lap was good for 20th out of the 21 cars in ST. Luckily they have two more practice sessions to find more speed.

The remaining two practice sessions as well as qualifying take place tomorrow. Check out the event schedule for the exact times.


Car # Drivers Team Position Best Time
37 M. Lamara / James Vance MINI JCW Team 7 2:08.186
52 J. Salinsky / Mark Pombo MINI JCW Team 18 2:10.199
73 Mat Pombo / Derek Jones MINI JCW Team 1 2:06.937
47 A. Isman / A. Lauziere Team Octane 20 2:14.085


Attribution:IMSA Results

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